Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blogging Drought

So over the past few weeks I discovered that blogging is a lot easier when you have interesting things to talk about. After a great and active summer, the last few weeks just sort of slid away from us between summer classwork, nannying (for Sharon, not me), and preparing for our Fall responsibilities. Now that I have started classes, we are back in the routine of Seminary life, yet it is hard to believe that we only have about 8 more months here before moving out. Our apartment building has been a little strange this year as we've had half of our residents move out over the summer, and it is sad to wander past the old apartments of friends who have moved on. I guess it is the nature of our rather unsettled life to have people moving into and out of your life somewhat rapidly, but our time at BFA still hasn't gotten us used to all the goodbyes and transition. As I've experienced the moving of a lot of our close friends here, it does make me realize why their is such a draw to really settling down somewhere and putting down your roots. However, I don't necessarily know that is something that either Sharon or I see happening anywhere in the near future. On the bright side, the fact that a lot of our friends have already left (or will be leaving with us next summer) will make it a good deal easier for us to leave this place. Although we have loved living here, we do realize that this was only a phase in our life and we are starting to prepare for whatever God has next (in addition to our new baby).