Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back to Bachelorhood

Sharon is off with her family this week in Atlanta to show off Caleb, so I'm back to the lonely life of a bachelor until Saturday. It is so strange how quiet this house is without Sharon and (especially) Caleb. Fortunately, Sharon picked a great time to leave me by myself - as March Madness starts this week and she spared me from the many guilty feelings I would experience concerning becoming completely immersed in College Basketball for two days. I do feel a little bad that Caleb will not get to experience it with me as much this year, but by next year, we'll have him filling out his own bracket. I think Sharon has beaten me in our bracket competition the last two years, but I'm hoping that her "baby brain" will give me the edge that I need to restore my supremacy.

As far as Sharon and Caleb, we were pleasantly surprised that Caleb did very well on his flight down to Atlanta on Sunday night. No screaming at all - which would have been somewhat difficult to do since he pretty much nursed the entire time. Caleb's been having a great time with his grandparents and uncle and aunt - and he is even starting to adjust to the pack and play that he's been sleeping in. Sharon will give you updates about the trip and maybe post some of the thousands of pictures of Caleb that have undoubtedly been taken this week. I'm sure that most of you reading this already know, but Sharon and I are so excited to have another niece, Norah Grace Koerber that was born to my sister-in-law Chrissie and brother Matt on March 11. Norah came just in time to restore the balance of genders for my parents grandkids as there will be three little granddaughters and three little grandsons at the beach this summer. If you are interested in seeing pictures (as well as reading my brother's creative account of the whole experience) you can check out their blog at http://mattchrissie.blogspot.com/. Below are a few pictures of Caleb that we took before he left.
Could that be a smile coming on - you be the judge
Caleb "playing" with his cars (the red one was given to him by Sharon's uncle and the unpainted one was given to Sharon by him when she was born many moons ago)
Caleb's not so sure what he's supposed to be doing.
Working on his GQ pose for his future modeling days.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Many Adventures of Caleb and Mommy:)

I know that you all have been waiting for me to make a blog entry. Since Mike has been so busy with JTM, school, and his own exciting things these past two weeks (going snowboarding and to a Penguins game) I figure I should share with you all about the many adventures of Caleb and me. This past week Caleb experienced more "firsts". On Thursday he attended his first woman's Bible Study with mommy and did pretty well until the end when we started to pray. I think he was a little nervous at first being the only guy, but soon realized that the odds worked in his favor:) Last Friday night I attempted to bake my first patch of cookies with Caleb...never to young to start baking together! Caleb hated it; I had him in the Bjorn, which he usually likes, but not this time. I was even just attempting cookie bars (Thanks Megan for the special recipe). Needless to say, I got as far as mixing the dry ingredients and then we had to call it an evening. I finished them after Caleb went to bed and they were super yummy! On Saturday daddy was gone all day snowboarding and we just hung around the house. We had a fun photo shoot...see pictures below and later had take out, games, and a movie with Auntie Dawn. All in all it was a pretty productive day; I even got a shower, Caleb got a bath, and we did a load of laundry. (It is the little things in life!) Sunday was fairly uneventful, but we very much enjoyed having daddy around.

Monday was a big day and Caleb went in for his 2 month check up. I knew he was going to be receiving a shot or two and I was a bit nervous, you see we have lots of experience with needles thanks to all the blood work from being so jaundice for so long. I was greeted by the nurse explaining that Caleb would be getting 5 vaccinations (in 3 shots) and the promise of baby Tylenol...I wanted drugs too! As soon as I would calm him down the nurse would be ready with the next injection; poor Caleb. The good news is that we also found out that his jaundice is now gone, he grew another 2 inches since his last visit (I guess he wants to take after the Smith side of the family) and he was up to 12 1/2 pounds. That's my boy! So he has now grown out of all his 0-3 month outfits and half of his 3 month clothes due to his length. We also learned that Caleb does not get fussy from vaccinations, but just sleeps A LOT. This led to a great surprise on Tuesday. Caleb learned that he can go three to four hours without eating and still live. So he is now eating more at one time and eating less frequent...PRAISE THE LORD! He has also figured out that he can go a little longer at night, but we are still up at least two times a night to eat and usually three. This is fine by me we are making baby steps; no pun intended.

On Wednesday I went back on antibiotics for my infection, but with this one I can still nurse. Please pray that it works this time to get rid of all the bacteria!!! Thursday was a bit of a blurr, but we enjoyed having friends over and I felt more like a real person being able to be mommy and still clean up and make dinner. We also had nice weather and took Caleb for a walk to pay rent and go to the Give and Take. He very much enjoyed it and you can see him below all bundled up and strapped in...he looks a little like he is in a straight jacket:) Well, that concludes the week; hope you enjoyed the update!

P.S. Daddy has been very busy these past weeks, but he is still very helpful and we love him much!!!