Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Steeler Nation

So once Steelers football season starts every Fall, I always start to feel nostalgia for Pittsburgh, even though I've never lived there. Those of you who are lifelong Steelers fans will understand, but there is just something special about being a part of a worldwide community united by a common passion and heritage. (Since I'm in Seminary, I figure that I should bring in some comparison/contrast with the nature of the church, but I'll leave that up to you to decide on your own). Anyways, as I was watching the Steelers game in a Steelers bar in Boston with 80 other Steelers fans a week and a half ago, I found comfort in being surrounded by that unmistakable Pittsburgh accent. So when I saw this NFL films video on Steelers nation,
I thought that this should be mandatory viewing for every native Pittsburgher or Steelers fan. Even if you are not a Steelers fan, it is a great insight into the impact of the steel industry on the city of Pittsburgh. After watching it, it made me even more proud to be a Steelers fan and encouraged me to stand strong in this hostile land.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Block Island Day Trip

As the semester is now fully under way here at Gordon-Conwell, it is always nice to have times when you can escape the routine of classwork and such. So, this past Saturday, Sharon and I decided to take a day trip to Block Island in Rhode Island. Block Island is a small island that is located about halfway between Rhode Island and the tip of Long Island. It was such a cool place because they have done a great job in preserving green space and retaining Victorian type architecture that gives the place its charm. Those of you who know how much Sharon and I enjoy our sleep will be super impressed to hear that we were up at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning and on the road by 6:00. After taking the first ferry to the island at 9:00 AM, we spent the rest of the day biking around the island, walking the beaches, and visiting lighthouses. The weather was so nice that I even got to work on my tan and go swimming in the ocean. One of our many highlights of the day was hiking down from the top of the bluffs (first picture) to the rocky beach below. After walking along the beach, we also stumbled across the first nude beach that I've ever seen in the US. Thankfully, the one guy that was taking advantage of this unique opportunity had the decency to (mostly) retreat behind some nearby rocks when he saw us coming. The rest of the day was quite uneventful, yet very relaxing and enjoyable. All in all, it was an incredible day trip that I would highly reccommend to anybody living in or visiting the Boston area.

In other Boston Koerber news, K├╝rbis is continuing to grow and has grown quite fond of kicking and dancing on mommy's bladder. Hopefully you can see Sharon's ever-expanding belly in the pictures below, and we'll try to do a better job of posting recent prego pics in the upcoming months. As far as our future plans, we just found out that the recent possibility of working at an MK school in central Asia is no longer feasible, so we are once again in the dark about what is next after Seminary. No matter where we end up, I am trying to focus on what I'm learning now, trusting that the Lord will be using that for whatever he has us doing next - which is a lot easier said than actually done. That's all for now from us and possibly (although unlikely) by our next post we'll know more.

View from the top of the bluffs on Block Island

Sharon and I on the beach below the bluffs.

Sharon and I by one of the island's lighthouses

At the end of the day