Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Search Update

So the REAL reason that I haven't updated our blog recently is not laziness or busyness - but that we were going to wait until we had a home under contract so that we can share the news. So I am finally blogging to share the news...that we don't quite have a home under contract yet. However, we have narrowed it down to one or two options and are hoping to make an offer tomorrow or early next week. As far as the area where we are now looking to buy - that has been a pretty interesting story. In July we had pretty much settled on a home in Flowery Branch (wouldn't have that been a masculine hometown for Caleb to grow up in!) but our reasonable offer was barely considered despite the down market. In the meantime, we had started going to a church in that area we expected to live in, and while there - we found out about a community just east of Atlanta called Clarkston. Clarkston is a pretty unique small town of about 8,000 people whose residents hail from 50 different countries. It has been designated as a major refugee resettlement area by the US government so there are refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, etc. coming through Clarkston regularly.

To make a long story short, over a few weeks in August and September, we found out a lot more about the area and the really exciting ministry opportunities there. So the home that we're planning to put an offer in is in a small neighborhood within a mile of a mosque, Hindu temple, and a Buddhist temple. The amount of diversity there is pretty incredible, and I'm especially looking forward to getting involved in some great pick-up soccer games :)

Well, that is the home search update for now, and just to keep you all interested in reading the blog I'll post a video of a giggling/teetering Caleb as well as a montage of the many faces of Caleb. Just this evening he learned how to feed himself -and we haven't quite decided whether or not that is a good thing. He also just got over his first real cold - which he (or maybe his mom) had the nerve to pass on to me. Other than that - he is still a really happy, energetic baby, and we're so thankful to have him.

The giggler trying to stand on his own

The many faces of Caleb:

Thoughtful Caleb...

Determined/pooping Caleb...

Stoned Caleb (just kidding, he didn't inhale)...

And finally our favorite: Laughing Caleb.