Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ocean City Photo Extravaganza

Well, since I haven't blogged in about three weeks, I figure I would make up for it by having a "super-entry" today. Rather than taking the time to bore you with all of the details of our vacation - I'll just summarize it to say that it was a great time and we have so many great photos of Caleb and his cousins. It was actually really hard to narrow them down to these dozen or so, but if you want to see more of our Ocean City pictures, you can check out our picassa web site ( where you can see all of them. Here are some of our favorite pictures of Caleb from the week and I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. As far as a brief update for us - we are now back in Georgia after arriving this morning at 3:00 AM after a long night of driving from Pennsylvania. We'll keep you posted on the house hunt as we hope to have more news this week. Enjoy the pictures!

Caleb's first Ocean City beach experience

Unfortunately, he wasn't big enough to enjoy the rides with his cousins

But he did enjoy cuddling with cousin Isaac

and we loved the photo ops with his cousin Nora

Hanging on the beach with Nora on our final evening at Ocean City

Nap time on the beach...much rarer than we would have liked

Caleb loved playing in his inflatable pool

"I'm a hunka, hunka burning love!"

Check out my sweet goggles!
Family photo on the beach
The family in front of one of the famous lifeguard chairs

Nama and Pap-pap with their six grandkids

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to Boston

So travelling with a baby does change some things...but not everything. Last Saturday, we were flying back up to Boston and were planning on leaving at 12:00 PM from the Atlanta area. As part of our ever-present quest to get as much free/discounted stuff as possible, Sharon and I almost always try to get bumped off overbooked flights so that we can get the free flights the airlines give as compensation. So this past Saturday we took advantage of one of those opportunities and got bumped off our original flight from Atlanta to Boston. Although the extra two hour wait was a little more difficult with Caleb's nap schedule, it was definitely worth it since we got $400 worth of flight vouchers that we'll use over Christmastime. All in all, it was exciting for me to realize that one of my favorite travel pastimes is still very much a possibility in this new era of parenthood.

Since we got up here to Boston last Saturday, we've been pretty busy catching up with people and staying current with Janz Team work. We've also been excited to have a couple photo shoots with our friend Cari McCormick and you can see some of those pictures below. Caleb's first tooth finally has made it through, but he is still really bothered by the second one that is making its way through. Even though he is teething, he is still a pretty happy baby and is becoming a lot of fun to play with. He is also quite interested in scooting backwards but he hasn't quite figured out how to go forward yet. Although we're excited for him to learn how to crawl, we're still a little nervous about how much extra attention we'll have to pay to him then. I have a feeling that our next blog post will have a video of him crawling, but he has also been showing signs of skipping crawling altogether and starting to walk instead. We'll keep you updated...

Caleb telling "secrets"

Showing off his new tooth

One of his favorite teething poses

Such a kissable baby

Working on his crawling