Friday, February 27, 2009

On The Road Again

The past month or so has been really crazy with travelling - as I have been on the road for work more than I have been home. I had just about gotten fully caught up and settled in following the trip to Colorado when I had to once again prepare to leave for the Philadelphia area where I will be until next Thursday. The Colorado trip went well for me, except for the fact that I received my very first speeding ticket while driving my friend's car :( Needless to say - that ended up making the trip a whole lot more expensive than I had planned on it being. While I was away in Colorado - Sharon had the opportunity to visit with many friends and family in Texas. Since I still haven't gotten all the details on that trip, I'm going to let Sharon make one of our rare writing appearances on our blog. Before I hand over the keyboard - I did have one last question for those of you who may read our blog from time to time. As you probably noticed - our blog name is still "The Nomadic Koerbers", even though we closed on our house in December. The reason for not changing the name yet is primarily the lack of idea for a new name (and the lack of time to think of one). So...if anybody has any good suggestions for our new blog name - please fire them our way. If not - we'll probably just keep this name until we end up moving again in a few years. Now that your anticipation and excitement has been piqued, here's Sharon:

Well, I just thought we are still "The Nomadic Koerbers" since we have still been living out of our suitcases?!? Anyway, I too would love to hear name suggestions! Our first adventure to Texas went great. Caleb traveled well and other than waking at 4:30 am on Sunday morning (I guess he was just really excited to hear Tom Pennington preach) he slept pretty well too. It was a bit of a whirl-wind so if we missed you while we were there I am really sorry. Honestly I think the best way to describe the trip is with pictures and captions; please see below. Thank you to everyone who allowed us to stay with them and who made time to meet with us and our crazy schedule. Love you all!!!

Caleb really excited to borrow the Ramos Family car...thanks Rick for the keys! We had a great breakfast with the Ramos' and Caleb loved Kim's quiche.

Caleb also very excited to meet Aunt Donna...we drove to College Station to meet for dinner with my Aunt Donna, cousin Deb and her boys Sam and Luke. Caleb loved Luke and his Oreo Madness!

Caleb with his mommy at Chisholm Park. This is the park that my mommy and daddy would take me to as a little girl. Caleb was more excited by the slide then feeding the ducks...he wanted to eat the bread himself:)

Caleb getting a big squeeze from his new buddy Caed. Caed is the son of Courtney (and Jesse), one of my dear roommates from Master's College. We had a great play date in Ft. Worth.

Caleb cuddling with Miss Alyssa Bennett. Caleb and I stayed most of the time with Julia and Andrew and had a great time there. In case you don't know Julia and I our best of buds from childhood and roommates in college. We tried (unsuccessfully) at setting up our siblings so that we could be related...we are now on to our kids:) Andrew has already talked to Caleb about his intentions!

Caleb and his mommy with her Aunt Marge and Uncle Lou at our Waco lunch date. During our stay with Erin and Shane we met up for lunch...Caleb loved Aunt Marge...I think it is because she sends him so many Hallmark cards:)

Caleb laughing with his daddy (not a Texas video). Mike was just trying to give him low fives instead of high fives:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Important "First" for Caleb (and his parents)

The big moment finally arrived after 1 year, 1 month, and 10 days (but it's not like I was counting or anything). Yesterday was - drum roll, please - the first time that Caleb's parents went out before he went to sleep. Yes, it was a little hard for us to believe as well - but it was something that just wasn't feasible as long as Caleb was nursing. There had been many times that Sharon and I have gone out for a dinner and movie after Caleb had gone to sleep for the night. However, yesterday evening was the first time that we went away and let somebody else put him down for the night. Caleb did a great job - as he didn't even miss a beat after Sharon and I left around 6:00 PM for our dinner and movie Valentine's Day date. Aunt Hilary had the honors of putting him to bed an hour and a half later - and the little guy went right to sleep without even asking where mommy and daddy where. All in all - the evening was a huge success, and we are looking forward to repeating this experience in the near future now that we know how easy it is (for now).

The main reason that Sharon and I went out for Valentine's Day a day early (other than to avoid the crowds) was because we are flying separate directions today. In a few hours, I will be flying to Colorado for a conference for work, and Sharon will be flying to Texas with Caleb to visit all her friends and family there. Though we're obviously going to be sad to be apart for the next five days, I am excited that Sharon gets to visit everybody in Texas, as our plans to go as a family just never seemed to work out. Following we have just a few Caleb pictures, as our camera had been misplaced for the last week or so. Hopefully, Sharon will have a lot more fun pictures of Caleb with his new friends in Texas to share with you next week.

Caleb and daddy decked out for the Super Bowl

This is Caleb trying to "help" change the locks on the door