Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graduation and Such

Well, you wouldn't know it from following our blog, but yes I did finally graduate two weeks ago on May 10. It was a great, yet very busy, time as my parents were able to make it up from Pennsylvania for the festivities. It was quite an honor to be able to have them with us for Mother's Day also, as we're starting to feel spoiled because they were also up here for Easter just a month before that. It may be that they're just really excited to spend some final time in the Boston area before we leave next month, but I also get the sense that they enjoy being around Caleb :) They also had a special treat as we had a last minute baby dedication for Caleb scheduled so that they could be there for it as well. We had wanted to have Caleb dedicated at Cape Ann, and we were so grateful that our pastor was willing to do the dedication on only one day's notice.

This graduation reminded me of the fact that this time is officially called commencement, as graduation marked a time of even greater busyness with Janz Team work. Although it is great that we have had so many applicants heading overseas this fall, it has also made things especially busy for me trying to keep up with them and have them move as quickly as possible through the application process. Coupled with the fact that we're also starting to pack up our stuff, these last few weeks are sure to be a whirlwind.

On the moving front, we are so excited to say that we did put down our order for a POD to be delivered on June 10th to our apartment, so that we can have it all packed and ready to be picked up by June 15th when we move out. Those of you who have yet to experience the wonder of the POD moving system should definitely check out their web site - as it is a quite ingenious way of doing things. It is especially convenient for us, since we don't know for sure where we will be going after here - so we can leave our stuff stored in the POD rather than having to unpack it at a storage center and then repack it when we move for good. Although it is a bit more expensive, it will save us the hassle of moving an extra time and having to drive a moving truck from Boston to wherever we end up. It is hard to believe we're already in the last few weeks of our time here, but we are looking forward to the future - and it will be especially good to spend a large chunk of the summer in Atlanta with Sharon's family. Since this may be one of our last blogs as the Boston Koerbers, we also realize that we will be shopping for a new blog title (maybe the nomadic Koerbers for now).

Caleb hanging out with Aunt Dawn during graduation

After graduation with my parents

After graduation with our Seminary friends Bill and Alice (and baby Knechtel)

Not only did I end up with a degree after three years - I also am leaving with a new baby!

Since Sharon carried me through seminary as my "Sugar Momma" I figured I should return the favor

Caleb at his dedication on Mother's Day

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day Preview

With graduation coming up this week, I'm wanting to make sure that Sharon's first Mother's Day as a mom doesn't get overlooked. With that in mind, I wanted to post a few pics and a video of Caleb with his mommy. Hopefully, Caleb will realize how blessed he is to have such a great mommy, as I'm hoping he buys her something really nice for her. Maybe that's a little too much to hope for, as I think Sharon would be pleased if he showed his appreciation by abstaining from spitting up on her on Mother's Day. I have yet to talk to Caleb to plan what we'll do for Mother's Day, but I'm really counting on something big from him.

Anyways, things have been going pretty good for me since I finished my last Seminary class on April 25th. I haven't had too much time to enjoy being done, as I've been quite busy working a part time job for a local scholarship foundation. After graduation on May 10th, I think that I'll start to shift into packing mode, as we will be moving out of our apartment on June 15th. It's so hard to believe that we're moving already; it seems like just yesterday when we were moving in. I guess we'll be leaving with a M. Div. degree and a baby, so once our job is finalized, we'll have achieved the Seminarian triple crown. Things with our job are becoming more certain and we should know in a week or two exactly where we will be. We're excited about what is next after Seminary, but we are also a little sad to be saying goodbye to a place and time of our lives that we both have really enjoyed.

If you have seen Sharon's baby pictures, you'll definitely spot the resemblance in this picture

Caleb is mesmerized by the camera

Caleb hugging his mommy

Caleb and mommy play time